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20 Soundtrack Hits Of The '90s

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Unforgettable Natalie Cole 03:28
I've Been Thinking About You London Beat 04:41
Sadness Enigma 04:14
It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over Lenny Kravitz 04:02
Gonna Make You Sweat CC Music Factory 04:04
What's a Woman Vaya Con Dios 03:32
You Are Everything Rod Stewart 03:42
Spring Love Cover Girls 03:30
I Remember You Skid Row 05:14
Love Hurts Cher 04:17
Let The Beat Hit 'em Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam 04:42
The Lady is a Vamp Black and White 03:13
What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong 02:19
Boy Why You Wanna Make Me Blue Deborah Blando 03:07
Wicked Games Chris Isaak 04:49
Another Night Tony Garcia 03:10
Will of The Wind Kenny Loggins 01:57
If You Hurt Me Now Daniel Estephan 03:56
Tenderness Robert Thames 03:43
Cry for Help Rick Astley 04:49

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