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The 20 Best Collection

The Ink Spots


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Canciones del álbum

My Prayer The Ink Spots 03:14
You're Braking My Heart (La Mattinata) The Ink Spots 03:21
I'll Never Smile Again The Ink Spots 03:25
A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening The Ink Spots 03:18
When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano The Ink Spots 02:58
Until the Real Thing Comes Along The Ink Spots 03:33
Stop Pretending The Ink Spots 02:21
Prisioner of Love The Ink Spots 03:06
Do I Worry The Ink Spots 02:44
I'm Beginning to See the Light The Ink Spots, Ella Fitzgerald 02:45
Don't Get Around Much Anymore The Ink Spots 03:06
We Three, My Echo, My Shadow and Me The Ink Spots 03:23
The Gipsy The Ink Spots 02:46
Memories of You The Ink Spots 03:01
Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall The Ink Spots, Ella Fitzgerald 03:14
Adress Unknown The Ink Spots 02:58
I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire The Ink Spots 03:07
To Each His Own The Ink Spots 03:13
Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat The Ink Spots 03:22
I'll Get By The Ink Spots 02:56

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