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Thor Ragnarok - The Ultimate Fantasy Playlist

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Canciones del álbum

Immigrant Song Voidoid 02:35
Love Is A Battlefield Miss Sammy J 05:30
Titanium Calli Malpas 03:21
Everywhere Alixandrea Corvyn 03:38
Fools Gold Peaky Blinders 05:25
Eve Of Destruction Pussy Revolution 02:32
Battle of Evermore Blind Faith 04:07
I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor 03:18
Babylon's Burning Tim Barton 02:38
Thunderstruck Death Cab 04:32
Seven Wonders Alixandrea Corvyn 03:45
Mad World Voidoid 03:02
With Or Without You The Previews 03:54
Boys Don't Cry The Lovecats 02:36
Walk on the Wild Side Tim Barton 05:47
Stairway to Heaven Slamm 07:10
You To Me Are Everything The Real Thing 03:32
Sunshine Of Your Love Blind Faith Collective 04:04
I Wanna Be Adored Peaky Blinders 06:44
Wicked Game Miss Sammy J 04:49

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