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Canciones del álbum

The Trooper (Overture) 2CELLOS 04:32
I Will Wait 2CELLOS 04:05
Thunderstruck (Intro) 2CELLOS 00:32
Thunderstruck 2CELLOS 03:40
Hysteria 2CELLOS 02:50
Shape of My Heart 2CELLOS 04:34
Mombasa 2CELLOS 03:36
Time 2CELLOS 04:18
Wake Me Up 2CELLOS 04:09
They Don't Care About Us 2CELLOS 03:22
Live and Let Die (feat. Lang Lang) 2CELLOS, Lang Lang 02:58
Street Spirit (Fade Out) 2CELLOS 04:40
Celloverse 2CELLOS 04:21

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