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777 feat. GabrielRodriguezEMC, Madiel Lara Redimi2, Gabriel EMC, Madiel Lara 04:12
Bailo Solo Remix Zoprano, Gabriel EMC, Jay Kalyl 03:21
La Resistencia PR (feat. Indiomar, Eliud L’voices, GabrielRodriguezEMC, Harold Velazquez, C SHALOM , Práctiko) Redimi2, Indiomar, Eliud L’Voices, Gabriel EMC 07:09
Pasará Musiko, Gabriel EMC, Indiomar 03:38
En La Madruga' (Capítulo 8) Mireyli Rosa, Gabriel EMC 03:54
Bailo Solo Zoprano, Gabriel EMC 03:00
Inmortal Eliud L'voices, Indiomar, Gabriel EMC 04:25
Nada Gabriel EMC, Jay Kalyl 03:20
Así Gabriel EMC 04:40
Tu No Fallarás Práctiko, Eliud L'voices, Gabriel EMC 04:11

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Gabriel EMC is the stage name of Puerto Rican Christian Latin urban artist Gabriel José Rodríguez. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and raised in Guaynabo, he began making music in 2014 as a hobby and later pursued a career as a full-time musician after converting to Christianism. In 2016, he joined the C4 collective alongside Micky Medina, Michael Pratts, and Eliud L'Voices. Revolución Artística Poética, his first EP, appeared in 2017 and was followed by a second extended play titled Trance the following year. Ever since signing with Nain Music in 2020, Gabriel EMC has released the EPs Denme Break and Step by Step, both of which fared quite well on the charts in Latin America and the United States. Preceded by the singles "Amores" and "Bregué Mal," his studio debut Agenda saw the light in 2021. Interludio, his sophomore effort, hit retail a few months later. In 2022, Gabriel EMC returned with El Final de Mis Sueños, which featured guest spots from Genock Gabriel, Dariann González, and Redimi2.