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Sarà perché ti amo Ricchi e Poveri 03:09
Sara perche ti amo Ricchi & Poveri 03:01
Sera Porque Te Amo Ricchi e Poveri 03:10
Donde Estaras Ricchi e Poveri 02:56
Sarà perché ti amo Ricchi e Poveri 03:02
Sarà perchè ti amo Ricchi e Poveri 03:32
Me Enamoro De Ti Ricchi e Poveri 03:11
Mamma Maria Ricchi e Poveri 02:53
Mamma Maria Ricchi e Poveri 02:53
Piccolo amore Ricchi e Poveri 03:18

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Sarà perché ti amo
M'innamoro di te
Dimmi quando
Cosa sei (Que Sere)

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Polyphonic vocal quartet Ricchi e Poveri (‘the rich and the poor’) formed in Genoa, Italy in 1967. The group was founded by singers Angelo Sotgiu, Angela Brambati, Marina Occhiena, and Franco Gatti. Originally known as Fama Medium, they were given their new name by their producer, manager and head of their record label, Franco Califano. Primarily a covers band, Ricchi e Poveri played a variety of music festivals and competitions in their native Italy and around Europe. They garnered much attention performing at the Sanremo Music Festival several times with songs such as "La Prima Cosa Bella" (1970) and "Che Sara” (1971). In 1978, Ricchi e Poveri participated in the Eurovision Song Contest and performed the song "Questo Amore,” which finished in 12th place. After several years of success in their home country, they began to achieve international attention with hits such as , "Sara Perché Ti Amo" (1981), which rose to Number 1 in Italy, Spain and France. That same year, founder member Marina Occhiena left, and the group continued as a trio. In 1985, after many visits to the Sanremo Music Festival, they finally won first prize with the song "Se N'innamoro." Ricchi e Poveri continued to tour and score hits in many countries including Russia, where they had become extremely popular. The trio was reduced to a duo with the departure of Franco Gatti in 2016. However, all four members reunited in 2020 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their first appearance at the Sanremo Music Festival, but this was short-lived, and the group reverted back to a duo. Former member Franco Gatti died on October 18, 2022, at the age of 80.