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Fue Difícil Rodrigo Tapari, Maria Jose Quintanilla 03:46
AMADO MIO Maria Jose Quintanilla 03:11
La De La Mochila Azul Maria Jose Quintanilla 02:46
Zingara Maria Jose Quintanilla 03:25
Fué Difícil Maria Jose Quintanilla 03:44
Solamente Llamé Pablo Castro, Maria Jose Quintanilla 03:43

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Born on February 17, 1990, in Santiago, Chile, singer-songwriter María José Quintanilla began performing with the youth folkloric ensemble Los Maipucitos, participating in numerous festivals across the country. After winning the children's talent show Bravo Bravísimo in 2001 and finishing fourth in the first season of the reality TV competition Rojo, Fama Contra Fama the following year, she signed with Sony Music and released her studio debut México Lindo y Querido (2003), a tribute to Regional Mexican music that featured genres such as bolero, mariachi, and ranchera. The multi-platinum selling album was supported by several tour dates throughout Chile and was followed by a landslide victory at the Viña del Mar Song Festival in 2004. A few days later, María José Quintanilla released her sophomore effort Canta América, which soared to the top of the local charts and quickly obtained double-platinum certification. In 2005, she issued her third full-length Amores, consisting of songs from her acting debut on the stage play The Wizard of Oz. Over the next few years, she continued to polish her sound on well-received albums such as Tu Corazón (2007), Hoja en Blanco (2008), Bandolera (2010), and Apasionada (2012) while also gaining prominence as a TV host. Even though her music output waned in the subsequent years, releases like the 4-track EP Fue Difícil (2017) or the singles "No Me Niegues Tus Besos" (2019), "Te Traje Flores" (2020), and "Si Una Vez" (2022) proved the Chilean singer's voice and talent were still intact.