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Kilby Girl The Backseat Lovers 04:42
Elevator Days The Backseat Lovers 04:26
Watch Your Mouth The Backseat Lovers 04:31
Pool House The Backseat Lovers 04:29
Maple Syrup The Backseat Lovers 04:03
Dugout The Backseat Lovers 04:50
Close Your Eyes The Backseat Lovers 05:05
Kilby Girl (Live) The Backseat Lovers 04:22
Slowing Down The Backseat Lovers 05:20
Davy Crochet The Backseat Lovers 02:56

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Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, The Backseat Lovers are an American indie rock band featuring vocalist Joshua Harmon, guitarist Jonas Swanson, bassist KJ Ward, and drummer Juice Welch. The group formed in 2018, after Swanson and Harmon met at an open mic event in Provo City. Elevator Days, The Backseat Lovers' self-produced debut EP, was recorded that same spring and released during the summer, followed closely behind by the group's first live performance. As Swanson and Harmon became more accomplished as collaborative songwriters, The Backseat Lovers built a larger catalog of original material. The musicians charted their progression with When We Were Friends, a debut album that was released in January 2019. "Kilby Girl" became a significant hit on streaming platforms, earning more than 180 million Spotify streams during its first two years of release. The song also became a radio staple in the US, reaching Number 39 on Billboard's Rock Airplay chart and Number 23 on Alternative Songs. Two standalone singles, "Just a Boy" and "Heavy," followed in 2019 and 2020, respectively, and the group shone a light on its stage show with by releasing a concert album, Love from the Troubadour, in 2021. Another round of singles — "Growing/Dying," "Close Your Eyes," and "Slowing Down" — appeared in 2022, with "Growing/Dying" climbing to Number 35 on Billboard's Adult Alternative Songs chart.