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Si Te Pudiera Mentir Calibre 50 04:15
A La Antigüita Calibre 50 02:36
Decepciones Alejandro Fernández, Calibre 50 03:43
Simplemente Gracias Calibre 50 03:23
100 Años Carlos Rivera, Maluma, Calibre 50 03:35
Siempre Te Voy A Querer Calibre 50 03:54
Te Volvería A Elegir Calibre 50 03:00
Un Imposible A Tu Medida Calibre 50 03:32
Hoy Más Que Nunca Alfredo Olivas, Calibre 50, Carin Leon, Carolina Ross 05:56
Que Sea Joan Sebastian, Calibre 50 02:50

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Y Yo Sin Ti

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Calibre 50, Cuarto de Milla, and Banda Carnaval at Escapade 2001 - Dallas (March 30, 2023)
Dallas, TX, US

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Founded by vocalist and accordionist Edén Muñoz in 2010, Calibre 50 is an award-winning Mexican band that specializes in a whole host of regional styles such as norteño, corridos, and ranchera. Hailing from Mazatlán in the state of Sinaloa, Muñoz started his career playing in the group Colmillo Norteño. Creative differences led to his departure from the group at the end of 2009, after which he assembled his own band Puro Colmillo Norteño by recruiting guitarist Armando Ramos, percussionist Augusto Guido, and tuba player Martín Lopez. They made their debut in 2010 with the album Renovar o Morir, which included the hit single “El Infiernito.” Following a lawsuit from his former band members, Muñoz decided to rename the project Calibre 50 and soon dropped a second album titled De Sinaloa Para el Mundo in 2011. Their sophomore effort featured their first nationwide hit, the controversial “El Tierno Se Fue,” a corrido that made extensive use of innuendos and detailed sexual imagery. Over the course of the next few years, Calibre 50 stayed at the forefront of the Mexican Regional music scene with the albums El Buen Ejemplo (2012), Historias de la Calle (2015), and Guerra de Poder (2017). In 2017, Calibre 50 became the first Regional Mexican act to perform on the American late-night talk show Conan. More success followed as the band broke an all-time record by scoring 17 Number 1 singles on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay chart in 2020. Only a year later, they returned with the single “El Mensaje,” featuring Los Dos Carnales.