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Legião Urbana

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Tempo Perdido Legião Urbana 05:02
Quase Sem Querer Legião Urbana 04:40
Faroeste Caboclo Legião Urbana 10:25
Índios Legião Urbana 04:18
Hoje A Noite Não Tem Luar (Hoy Me Voy Para México) Legião Urbana 04:32
Faroeste Caboclo Legião Urbana 09:02
Metal Contra As Nuvens Legião Urbana 09:21
Meninos E Meninas Legião Urbana 03:23
Ainda É Cedo Legião Urbana 03:56
Eu Sei Legião Urbana 03:55

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Ainda É Cedo
Geração Coca-Cola
Eduardo E Mônica

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Legião Urbana was a Brazilian rock band formed in Brasilia in 1982. The band was formed by Renato Russo (vocals, guitar, and keyboard), Dado Villa-Lobos (guitar), and Marcelo Bonfá (drums). Legião Urbana was known for its politically charged lyrics, and its unique blend of rock, folk, and Brazilian rhythms. The group released their first album, the self-titled Legião Urbana, in 1985. This was followed by Dois (1986), which garnered further acclaim and featured singles such as "Eduardo e Mônica," which earned the band a greater following. In 1987, they released their third album Que País É Este?, which found the group further refining their sound. Over the course of the next few years, Legião Urbana continued to release critically acclaimed albums such as V (1991), Música P/ Acampamentos (1992), A Tempestade ou O Livro dos Dias (1996), and Uma Outra Estação (1997), all of which helped cement the band's reputation as one of the most celebrated Brazilian rock bands of all time. The group also toured extensively throughout Brazil. In 1996, Renato Russo, the band's frontman, passed away due to complications from AIDS. There would be several posthumous releases in the decades that followed, including their 1998 best-of compilation Mais do Mesmo, which includes various career highlights such as “Tempo Perdido.” In 2015, Legião Urbana made a comeback with a new lineup, playing songs from all throughout the band’s history to thousands of fans.