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Rumba Samba Mambo RSM Locomia 03:51
Fiesta Latina Locomia 03:25
Loco Mia Locomia 03:45
Taiyo Sol Locomia 07:04
Abanicare Locomia 03:06
Imperium Locomia 03:58
Loco Mix Locomia 06:56
Party Time Locomia 05:53
Obsesiva (ABGEFAHRN) Locomia 07:35
Niña Locomia 03:38

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Rumba Samba Mambo RSM
Taiyo Sol
Loco Mix

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Combining flamboyant outfits with a new wave-inspired sound and iconic fan-twirling choreographies, Spanish group Locomía rapidly became one of the most memorable acts in the late 80s/early 90s electro-pop scene. Formed in Ibiza in 1983 by fashion designers Xavier Font, Luis Font, Gard Passchier y Manuel Arjona, the group made its debut in 1989 with the album Taiyo, which propelled them to international stardom thanks to dance hits like "Loco Mía," "R S M (Rumba Samba Mambo)," "Gorbachov," and "Noche de Embrujo." Following a series of lineup changes, the band returned in 1991 with their sophomore album Loco Vox, a more mature-sounding effort that enjoyed a great deal of popularity in Latin America. In 1993, after a short-lived legal dispute with manager José Luis Gil over the rights to their name, Locomía returned with a completely renewed formation and an album titled Party Time. Over the course of the next few years, Xavier Font made several attempts to revive the Locomía moniker, but to no avail. Subsequently, the group's third incarnation was unveiled in 2011 and a fourth full-length titled Imperium arrived in 2014.