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Everything M2M 03:46
Mirror Mirror M2M 03:20
Don't Say You Love Me M2M 03:45
Leave Me Alone M2M 03:07
Everything You Do M2M 04:01
Wanna Be Where You Are M2M 03:25
Don't M2M 03:26
Miss Popular M2M 03:05
Give a Little Love M2M 03:57
Jennifer M2M 03:07

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Don't Say You Love Me
The Day You Went Away
Girl in Your Dreams
Mirror Mirror

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Formed in the suburbs of Oslo by childhood friends Marion Raven and Marit Larsen, M2M was a Norwegian duo whose debut single, 1999's "Don't Say You Love Me," became a worldwide hit during the heyday of 20th century teen pop. Like most of M2M's material, "Don't Say You Love Me" was co-written by Raven and Larsen, who had previously released an album of children's songs, Synger Kjente Barnesanger, under the name Marit & Marion in 1996. The album was nominated for a Spellemannprisen, Norway's equivalent of a Grammy Award, and its success prompted the young musicians to begin writing their own songs. By 1998, they had changed their name to M2M. "Don't Say You Love Me" was released the following year and became a Top 10 hit in 10 countries, thanks in part to its use in the anime film Pokémon: The First Movie. The debut album Shades of Purple arrived in early 2000 and was similarly successful, selling 1.5 million albums worldwide and earning a Spellemannprisen nomination for Best Pop Album. Raven and Larsen changed directions with 2002's The Big Room, a mature album that found the teenagers playing their own instruments and minimizing the bubblegum pop elements of their debut. Although its lead single, "Everything," became a hit in Europe, the album was a commercial disappointment, and M2M broke up later that year. Raven and Larsen launched their respective solo careers after the split, with both artists enjoying chart-topping success in their native Norway.