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Mira Mi Piel La Misma Gente 05:24
Perfume de Paris La Misma Gente 05:31
Juanita AE La Misma Gente 05:54
Titico La Misma Gente 05:52
El Perfume de Paris La Misma Gente 05:31
Tu y Yo La Misma Gente 04:42
No Hay Carretera La Misma Gente 04:24
La Chica de Chicago La Misma Gente 05:17
Tu y Yo La Misma Gente 04:45
Muñeco de Papel La Misma Gente 05:36

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The Colombian salsa ensemble La Misma Gente was formed in the city of Palmira, Valle del Cauca, in 1978 by percussionist Jorge Herrera and keyboardist Jaime Henao. In just a short period of time, the group became one of the most popular tropical music acts in the Cali area alongside Grupo Niche and Orquesta Guayacán. En Su Salsa, their studio debut, appeared in 1986 and was heavily influenced by the sound of Puerto Rican salsa combo Sonora Ponceña. The album included two of the band's earliest hits: "Juanita Ae" and "Titicó." In the following years, La Misma Gente continued honing their sound on releases like La Misma Gente Orquesta (1987), Suena!! (1988), En la Jugada (1989), and Sencillamente Genial... Perfume de París (1990), their first album for Combo Records. Some of their most well-known singles from that time include "No Hay Carretera" (1988), "Llegaste Tú" (1989), and "Perfume de París" (1990). Throughout its lengthy career, the band has had many lead vocalists, most notably Rey Calderón and Nelson Morales. In 2012, the group celebrated its 30th anniversary with the release of the live album 30 Aniversario, Pasado y Presente, followed by Mi Promesa Soltera (2013) and Soltero Llevao (2014).