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Evangeline Los Lobos 02:43
La Bamba Los Lobos 02:55
Charlena Los Lobos 02:44
Goodnight My Love Los Lobos 03:17
Anselma Los Lobos 03:11
Come On, Let's Go Los Lobos 02:11
Donna Los Lobos 02:21
Goodnight My Love Los Lobos 03:15
Ooh! My Head Los Lobos 01:43
One Time One Night Los Lobos 04:49

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Volver, Volver
El Cuchipe
La Feria De La Flores
Sabor A Mi

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One of the most successful and most enduring Latino bands, Los Lobos
found unexpected mainstream fame in the late 1980s when their upbeat dance
version of the old classic “La Bamba” featured in a movie of the same
name; a biopic of the Mexican roots rocker Ritchie Valens, who died in 1959. Formed
in LA in 1974 by a group of friends of Mexican origin and fronted by singer and
multi-instrumentationalist David Hidalgo, they mixed rock'n'roll with Cajun
zydeco dance music. Their self-financed debut album, 1978’s Just Another
Band from East L.A.
, impressed enough people to lead to rave reviews for
their second, How Will the Wolf Survive?, produced by T-Bone Burnett.
With their high-energy good-time style, they also established a reputation as a
thrilling live act before “La Bamba” became the first Spanish language
song to top the pop charts in the US and UK in 1987. Their 1988 album La
Pistola y El Corazon
- a deliberate attempt to get back to their roots
after all the pop fame - also sold well, while 1992’s Kiko re-established
their rock credentials. In 2004 they collaborated with the likes of Tom Waits,
Elvis Costello and Mavis Staples on their 2004 album The Ride and
diversified further in 2009 with an album of Disney covers, Los Lobos Goes
. Even after a Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011 the
band continued to tour and record albums like 2015’s Gates of Gold, and
the 2019 Christmas album Llego Navidad. In 2021 the National Endowment
for the Arts bestowed upon them the National Heritage Fellowship, and they
released their seventeenth album, Native Sons.