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Fora do Eixo Wesley Safadão 02:23
Ninguém Vai Separar Wesley Safadão, Márcia Fellipe 03:12
Festa da Bota US Agroboy, Wesley Safadão 02:44
Vacilão Zé Felipe, Igow, Wesley Safadão 02:10
Pega o Guanabara Wesley Safadão, Alanzim Coreano 02:58
Saudade de Um Piseiro Renanzin Pressão, Wesley Safadão, MC Danny 02:08
Só Falta Você Wesley Safadão 03:06
Só Freud Explica Wesley Safadão 03:01
FALA MAL DE MIM PEDRO SAMPAIO, Daniel Caon, Wesley Safadão 02:34
Tchuco Nela MC Rogerinho, Wesley Safadão 02:50

Último lanzamiento

Wesley Safadão de gira

São João Massayó 2023
Maceió, Brazil

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Wesley Oliveira da Silva, better known as Wesley Safadão, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, and producer born on September 6, 1988, in Fortaleza, Brazil. He began his music career as lead singer for the band Garota Safada in 2007, and quickly became popular for his energetic and charismatic performances which mixed traditional Forró music with modern pop and electronic elements. Safadão's popularity skyrocketed in 2015, when he released the live album Ao Vivo em Brasília, which featured hit songs "Camarote” and "Parece Que o Vento," leading him to perform in some of the biggest music festivals in Brazil. In 2016, Safadão made his international debut by performing at the Brazilian Day festival in New York City, which was attended by thousands of fans, recording the album WS In Miami Beach soon after, which featured collaborations with international artists like Maluma and American rapper Tyga. Over the years, Safadão has released numerous hit albums and singles including Duetos (2018) (including hit songs "Romance Com Safadeza" and "Sortudo,") WS Mais Uma Vez (2018) (featuring "Igual Ela Só Uma," and "Desencana") and Maria Santinha (2021) and hit 2022 single “Amor ou Esquema”, which charted at number 91. Safadão has won several awards for his music, including a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Sertaneja Music Album in 2020. He has also been a judge and coach on the Brazilian version of the TV show The Voice, and has starred in the Netflix series Vai Anitta. On April 18, 2023, he released a live recording of “Amor Sem Compromisso”, a duet with Brazillian singer Mari Fernandez.