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Juan Mario de la Espriella Salcedo (February 26, 1973), better known as Juancho De la Espriella, is one of the most prominent accordionists in the vallenato genre. Born in the Colombian city of Sincelejo, he inherited his parents’ love for vallenato and began playing the accordion at the age of 3. He made his official debut in the early 90s with singer Miguel Cabrera, although none of the two albums they recorded together—Pedacito de mi Vida (1994) and Lo Mejor Que Tengo (1996)—enjoyed any commercial success. During the late 90s, Juancho De la Espriella teamed up with singer Peter Manjarrés, with whom he released the albums Una Nueva Generación (1999), Inolvidable (2000), Un Sentimiento Nuevo (2001), and Llegó el Momento (2002), whose title track became a smash hit on Colombian radio. After parting ways with Peter Manjarrés, he lent his talent to the work of singer Silvestre Dangond on 2003’s Lo Mejor Para los Dos and recorded the album El Cacique de la Junta (2003) with legendary singer Diomedes Díaz while he was still in prison. The following year, he resumed his creative partnership with Silvestre Dangond and released the album Más Unidos Que Nunca, followed by Ponte a la Moda (2005), La Fama (2006), El Original (2008), Cantinero (2010), and No Me Compares con Nadie (2012). Creative differences within the duo led to its disbandment in 2012, after which Juancho De la Espriella joined vocalist Martín Elías on the album El Boom del Momento. They returned two years later with the full-length La Historia Continúa (2014), which featured the hit single “10 Razones Para Amarte.” In 2016, Juancho De la Espriella and Silvestre Dangond buried the hatchet and embarked on a national tour titled Tour del Reencuentro.