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Love Your Voice JONY 02:30
Как любовь твою понять? JONY, ANNA ASTI 04:05
Naverno, ty menya ne pomnish JONY, HammAli 03:10
Ty besposcadna JONY 04:03
Kometa JONY 02:41
La Cometa JONY 02:38
Kamin Emin, JONY 03:07
Ty pari JONY 03:54
Alleja JONY 02:22
Bez tebja ja ne ja JONY, HammAli & Navai 03:20

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Лунная ночь

de Emin, JONY


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Jony, born Jahid Huseynli in 1996,
is an Azerbaijani singer who abandoned his studies in Business for a career in
music, despite the protestations of his father. He first started to gain notice
in 2018 with his online postings of pop songs like “Star” and “Empty
. Taking his stage name from one of his favorite cartoon characters,
Johnny Bravo, Jony signed with Raava Music Company. He issued his first single
with them, “Alley”, a love song about finding the right partner. He
scored another hit in 2020 with the R&B flavored “You’re Merciless”,
and notched a top 40 hit in Greece with “Love Your Voice” in 2020.
Movers and shakers in the Russian music industry signaled hope that Jony might soon
become Azerbaijan’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest.