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Reverie Polyphia 04:02
Playing God Polyphia 03:25
40oz Polyphia 03:53
ABC (feat. Sophia Black) Polyphia, Sophia Black 02:32
Genesis (feat. Brasstracks) Polyphia, Brasstracks 03:14
O.D. Polyphia 03:22
The Audacity (feat. Anomalie) Polyphia, Anomalie 02:24
G.O.A.T. Polyphia 03:35
Bloodbath (feat. Chino Moreno) Polyphia, Chino Moreno 03:50
Chimera (feat. Lil West) Polyphia, Lil West 03:56

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The instrumental band Polyphia was formed in 2010 in Plano, Texas, by bandmates Lane Duskin, Brandon Burkhalter, Scott LePage, and Tim Henson. Although the group would eventually cement its reputation as a progressive rock act specializing in instrumental compositions, Polyphia initially pursued a more metal-influenced direction, with Duskin serving as the group's lead singer. He left the lineup in 2012, and "Envision" — Polyphia's debut single — followed one year later, along with the EP Inspire. A full-length album, Muse, appeared in 2014, showcasing Polyphia's metal influences as well as the band's ever-increasing pop aspirations. As their career progressed, Polyphia moved further away from their heavy metal roots, embracing a more melodic direction with 2016's Renaissance and even experimenting with EDM on the 2017 single "LIT." This sonic evolution continued with Polyphia's second EP, The Most Hated, which also appeared in 2017. Meanwhile, the band's lineup also evolved, with bassist Clay Gober and drummer Clay Aeschliman replacing the group's original rhythm section. By 2018, the group had begun working with hip-hop and EDM producers like Judge and Y2K, both of whom contributed to Polyphia's third album, New Levels New Devils. Four years later, the group landed an international hit with "Playing God," which cracked the Top 100 in Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. Featuring guest vocalist Sophie Black, the follow-up single "ABC" experienced similar global success in 2022, with the accompanying studio album Remember That You Will Die charting at Number 33 on the Billboard 200 in America.