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Deep Theta 2.0 (Pt 13) Steven Halpern, Jorge Alfano 07:25
Echoes of a Dream 432 Hz Steven Halpern, Kristin Hoffmann 05:33
Sleepscape Delta 2Hz (Part 6) Steven Halpern 05:42
Deep Theta 2.0 (Pt 8) Steven Halpern, Jorge Alfano 05:29
2nd Chakra: D Steven Halpern 03:18
Apollo's Lyre 2.0 Steven Halpern, Steven Halpern and Georgia Kelly, Georgia Kelly 05:05
6th Chakra: A Steven Halpern 03:46
Deep Theta 2.0 (Pt 10) Steven Halpern, Jorge Alfano 04:19
1st Chakra: C Steven Halpern 02:57
Deep Theta 2.0 (Pt 2) Steven Halpern, Jorge Alfano 05:05

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Born in New York, New York in 1947, Steven Halpern would go from young jazz cat to the father of New Age music. Bored with his jazz career by the end of the 1960s, Halpern relocated to the west coast where he began to explore creating music designed to make people relax, focus, and be more healthful. His first album in this new style, 1976’s Spectrum Suite, ignored rhythmic patterns and focused on beautiful harmonics played on electric piano. He released it on his own record label and marketed the album in non-traditional retail settings, and even with these humble beginnings, the album became widely considered the birth of New Age. He released over 90 albums over the next forty years including 1988’s Crystal Suite, 1993’s Enhancing Sensual Pleasure, 2006’s Music for Healing & Unwinding, and 2012’s Grammy nominated Deep Alpha. In addition to his musical endeavors, Halpern would become one a spokesman for what he called “sound healing.” He has written books and articles, as well as spoken, about his work and the potential for sounds to heal and harm the mind and body.