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Ignite Eir Aoi 04:04
Iris Eir Aoi 04:07
Kuroiuta Eir Aoi 06:21
Memoria Eir Aoi 05:29
Innocence Eir Aoi 04:36
Ryusei Eir Aoi 04:13
sirius Eir Aoi 04:26
Lapislazuli Eir Aoi 04:00
Innocence(TV Size Version) Eir Aoi 01:29
I will... Eir Aoi 04:34

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 Japanese singer Eir Aoi was born on November 30th, 1988, in Sapporo, Japan. Her interest in music began early, playing the guitar in her early years and joining a band during high school. She began uploading videos of herself singing online, and those videos quickly gained popularity through the Japanese video-sharing site Niconico. Her first release was the song “Frozen Eyez,” which was featured in an issue of the magazine LisAni! in 2011. Soon, she was signed to the record label SME Records and released her single “Memoria.” This track would be used as an ending song for the anime series Fate/Zero. She followed this with the single “Aurora,” and then released her mini-album Prayer (2012). In 2013, Eir Aoi released her first full album Blau, which peaked at Number 4 on the Oricon weekly charts. Eir Aoi started to develop a fanbase centered around her contributions to anime soundtracks, especially after her single “Sirius” was used as the opening theme to the series Kill la Kill. Her second album Aube was released in 2014, followed by her third full-length album D’Azur in 2015. In 2016, she released two compilations, Best-E- and Best-A-, containing various songs from throughout her career. 2018 saw the release of several more singles such as “Yakusoku” and “Tsui o Ou Mayonaka.” In 2019, she released the album Fragment, which reached Number 5 on the Japanese charts. 2022 saw the release of the single “HELLO HELLO HELLO,” which incorporates influences by American country music and hit Number 16 on the local singles chart.