100% Disturbed

Exploding on the scene in the late 90s, their aggressive blend of hard rock, alternative, and nu metal helped to make them one of the genre's most successful acts. This is the Disturbed collection.

Canciones de la playlist

Down with the Sickness Disturbed 04:38
Stricken Disturbed 04:05
Hey You


Disturbed 04:28
Stupify Disturbed 04:34
Indestructible Disturbed 04:38
Unstoppable Disturbed 03:58
Are You Ready Disturbed 04:21
Land of Confusion Disturbed 04:47
Bad Man


Disturbed 03:22
The Sound of Silence Disturbed 04:08
Hold on to Memories Disturbed 05:03
Prayer Disturbed 03:38


Disturbed 03:58
Ten Thousand Fists Disturbed 03:32
A Reason to Fight Disturbed 04:44
Immortalized Disturbed 04:17
Voices Disturbed 03:11
Love to Hate Disturbed 03:36
No More Disturbed 03:52
Inside the Fire Disturbed 03:51
Droppin' Plates Disturbed 03:48
The Vengeful One Disturbed 04:12
The Light Disturbed 04:16
The Night Disturbed 04:46
The Animal Disturbed 04:13
The Game Disturbed 03:46
Open Your Eyes Disturbed 03:57
Another Way to Die Disturbed 04:13
Remember Disturbed 04:08
Uninvited Guest Disturbed 03:55