Lofi Girl's favorites

A weekly selection of 150 of my personal favorites lofi tracks

Canciones de la playlist

Come Find Me Amies 03:26
Ash Ticofaces, Aelkay 02:20
Floating Island Dimension 32 02:57
Consequences Enra 02:04
Dahlia No one’s perfect, Kanisan 02:07
Cascade Kinissue, Ayzic 02:16
Voice Of The Forest Yasumu, NO SPIRIT 02:50
Tomorrows That Follow Enra, Sleepermane 01:48
City On A Hill L'outlander 02:44
Crush Laffey 02:10
Holy Cloud Tonion, Xander., Dario Lessing 03:25
Escaped Mujo, Mondo Loops, Sweet Medicine 02:03
Spring Fields (Live Session) Dimension 32, Elijah Lee, Hoogway 03:42
from me to you Towerz, Kokoro, Edelwize 02:50
Far Away Mila Coolness 02:39
Felucia Mar Sara 01:52
Mourning Dove Wys, Sweet Medicine 02:21
Beauty In All Forms Hoogway 02:10
Destination Unknown Amies 02:52
Into The Fog So.Lo, Goson 02:21
Star Sailing Mondo Loops, Softy 02:37
Planet Buddies Team Astro, Cocabona 02:28
I Thought We Were Friends Yasumu 02:05
Warm Colours Osaki, Sleepermane 02:10
Evermore Brillion., Idealism 02:00
Warm Breeze Goson, Dreamfield 02:39
Introspection Elijah Lee 02:14
Trying To Sleep Wys 02:54
Purity BVG, Simon Groß 03:24
Star Trail Kaspa., Mondo Loops 02:13