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Best Death Metal Bands

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To Bid You Farewell Opeth 10:54
I Am The Black Wizards Emperor 06:00
Prepare For Attack Havok 03:56
Arcana Imperii Ihsahn 04:53
A Room With A View Death Angel 04:41
Thru Our Scars Fleshgod Apocalypse 05:31
Fermented Offal Discharge Necrophagist 04:48
Forging Towards The Sunset Anaal Nathrakh 03:46
Long Haired Punks Venom 04:02
Disavow Your God Gorod 04:51
Verblendung Defeated Sanity 04:44
Homicidal Ecstacy Blood Red Throne 04:42
The Face Of My Innocence Arsis 05:32
Drop Dead Cynical Amaranthe 03:17
Are You Dead Yet? Children of Bodom 03:55
Two Weeks All That Remains 04:17
Crying Over You Dead by April 04:25
Shut Your Mouth Pain 03:12
Trollhammaren Finntroll 03:32
In My Sword I Trust Ensiferum 05:20

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