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Foregone Pt. 1 In Flames 03:24
I Am Above In Flames 03:49
Only for the Weak In Flames 04:54
Stay with Me In Flames 05:16
The Great Deceiver In Flames 03:45
Wallflower In Flames 07:06
Cloud Connected In Flames 03:40
State of Slow Decay In Flames 03:58
The Quiet Place In Flames 03:45
Come Clarity In Flames 04:15

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In Flames with At the Gates, Imminence, and Orbit Culture at Helsinki Ice Hall / Helsingin Jäähalli (December 14, 2022)
Helsinki, Finland

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Poster boys for the Gothenburg death metal movement, the Swedish band In Flames have sold over two million records and earned two Swedish Grammis Awards.

In Flames, along with fellow Gothenburg-based running mates At the Gates and Dark Tranquillity, formed a triumvirate of death metal bands who started to do things a little differently and create what is now known as the Gothenburg Sound. In Flames, perhaps even more than the other two bands, pushed the boundaries and started to incorporate more melodic structures and even used normal vocals from time to time instead of the guttural grunts beloved by death metal vocalists. The slighter softer sound may have polarised the hardcore fans but it enhanced the group's appeal to a wider audience.

Throughout their career the band have recorded 12 studio albums - including 'Reroute to Remain', 'Soundtrack to Escape' and 'Sound of a Playground Fading', as well as the Swedish number ones 'Come Clarity', 'A Sense of Purpose' and 'Siren Charms' - and remain one of Sweden's most distinctive and successful musical exports, releasing their 12th album 'Battles' in 2016.