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Daisies Of The Galaxy



Titres de l'album

Grace Kelly Blues Eels 03:37
Packing Blankets Eels 02:09
The Sound Of Fear Eels 03:30
I Like Birds Eels 02:35
Daisies Of The Galaxy Eels 03:28
Flyswatter Eels 03:19
It's A Motherfucker


Eels 02:15
Estate Sale Eels 01:39
Tiger In My Tank Eels 03:06
A Daisy Through Concrete Eels 02:25
Jeannie's Diary Eels 03:35
Wooden Nickles Eels 02:56
Something Is Sacred Eels 02:52
Selective Memory Eels 02:27
Mr. E's Beautiful Blues


Eels 04:18

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