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Suede (Remastered)



Titres de l'album

So Young (Remastered) Suede 03:38
Animal Nitrate (Remastered) Suede 03:26
She’s Not Dead (Remastered) Suede 04:33
Moving (Remastered) Suede 02:50
Pantomime Horse (Remastered) Suede 05:50
The Drowners (Remastered) Suede 04:10
Sleeping Pills (Remastered) Suede 03:50
Breakdown (Remastered) Suede 06:02
Metal Mickey (Remastered) Suede 03:27
Animal Lover (Remastered) Suede 04:17
The Next Life (Remastered) Suede 03:42
He's Dead (Rocking Horse Demo) [Remastered] Suede 04:11
Where The Pigs Don’t Fly (Remastered) (B-side of "Metal Micky") Suede 05:35

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