Album picture of Dark Sky Island (Deluxe)

Dark Sky Island (Deluxe)



Titres de l'album

The Humming Enya 03:45
So I Could Find My Way Enya 04:25
Even in the Shadows Enya 04:14
The Forge of the Angels Enya 05:14
Echoes in Rain Enya 03:35
I Could Never Say Goodbye Enya 03:29
Dark Sky Island Enya 04:57
Sancta Maria Enya 03:51
Astra et Luna Enya 03:21
The Loxian Gate Enya 03:34
Diamonds on the Water Enya 03:35
Solace Enya 03:58
Pale Grass Blue Enya 03:34
Remember Your Smile Enya 02:57

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