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Down On The Upside



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Titres de l'album

Pretty Noose Soundgarden 04:11
Rhinosaur Soundgarden 03:14
Zero Chance Soundgarden 04:18
Dusty Soundgarden 04:34
Ty Cobb Soundgarden 03:05
Blow Up The Outside World Soundgarden 05:45
Burden In My Hand Soundgarden 04:50
Never Named Soundgarden 02:27
Applebite Soundgarden 05:09
Never The Machine Forever Soundgarden 03:36
Tighter & Tighter Soundgarden 06:06
No Attention Soundgarden 04:26
Switch Opens Soundgarden 03:52
Overfloater Soundgarden 05:08
An Unkind Soundgarden 02:08
Boot Camp Soundgarden 02:59

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