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Live At Brooklyn Steel



Titres de l'album

Ice Cream (Live) MIKA 03:27
Dear Jealousy (Live) MIKA 03:40
Relax (Take It Easy) (Live) MIKA 04:28
Origin Of Love (Live) MIKA 04:57
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) (Live) MIKA 03:47
Tiny Love (Live) MIKA 04:47
Blue (Live) MIKA 03:24
Underwater (Live) MIKA 03:46
Lollipop (Live) MIKA 05:17
Popular Song (Live) MIKA 04:35
Interlude (Live) MIKA 02:42
Tomorrow (Live)


MIKA 03:52
Happy Ending (Live) MIKA 04:54
Love Today (Live) MIKA 05:15
We Are Golden (Live) MIKA 04:59
Grace Kelly (Live) MIKA 03:48

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