Album picture of Woman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Woman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Armand Amar


Titres de l'album

Opening 1 Armand Amar, Julien Carton 00:58
I Am No Longer Going to Wear This Coat of Shame Armand Amar, Isabel Sörling 04:06
No More Fight Left in Me IMANY 05:23
Opening 2 Armand Amar, Isabel Sörling 03:44
Proud to Be a Woman Armand Amar 03:05
Because You're a Girl Armand Amar 01:53
Woman 1 Armand Amar 03:12
Modern Times Armand Amar 02:02
Not Alone Anymore Armand Amar 02:37
Don't Be Scared Sweet Child Anne Sophie Versnaeyen, Isabel Sörling 03:24
Opening 3 Armand Amar 01:19
Mosul Armand Amar, Sahar Mohamedi 05:27
The Couples Armand Amar 01:50
Amazons Armand Amar 02:03
Forced Marriage Armand Amar 02:24
Beauty Armand Amar 02:10
Woman 2 Armand Amar 02:05
Nudity Armand Amar 02:33
A Strong Woman Armand Amar 03:42
Woman 3 Armand Amar 01:41

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