Album picture of Get It Together (Deluxe Edition)

Get It Together (Deluxe Edition)

Sola Rosa


Titres de l'album

The Ace of Space Sola Rosa 04:37
Turn Around Sola Rosa, Iva Lamkum 04:01
Del Ray Sola Rosa 04:31
Humanised Sola Rosa, Bajka 03:31
Love Alone Sola Rosa, Spikey Tee 03:44
Get It Together Sola Rosa 06:22
I've Tried Ways


Sola Rosa, Serocee 04:03
Lady Love Sola Rosa, Bajka 04:17
All You Need Sola Rosa 06:24
Bond is Back Sola Rosa 04:15
These Words, These Sounds, These Powers Sola Rosa, Spikey Tee 04:26
Del Ray (Clav Mix) Sola Rosa 04:29
Love Alone (Dub Mix) Sola Rosa 03:34
Bond is Back (Orchestral Mix) Sola Rosa 04:13

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