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Titres de l'album

Hair of the Dog (2010 - Remaster) Nazareth 04:11
Miss Misery Nazareth 04:43
Guilty (2010 - Remaster) Nazareth 03:40
Changin' Times Nazareth 05:59
Beggars Day / Rose In the Heather (2010 - Remaster) Nazareth 06:30
Whiskey Drinkin' Woman Nazareth 05:30
Please Don't Judas Me Nazareth 09:44
Love Hurts (Single Edit) Nazareth 03:52
My White Bicycle Nazareth 03:25
Holy Roller (Single Edit) Nazareth 03:24
Railroad Boy Nazareth 04:06
Hair of the Dog (BBC Live) Nazareth 03:47
Holy Roller (BBC Live) Nazareth 04:22
Teenage Nervous Breakdown (Live at the BBC Paris Theatre) Nazareth 04:21
This Flight Tonight (Live at the BBC Paris Theatre) Nazareth 03:37
Road Ladies (BBC Live) Nazareth 07:02

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