Album picture of Mael Intuition: Best Of Sparks 1974-76

Mael Intuition: Best Of Sparks 1974-76



Titres de l'album

This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us Sparks 03:05
Amateur Hour Sparks 03:33
Here In Heaven Sparks 02:47
Thank God It's Not Christmas Sparks 05:06
Hasta Manana, Monsieur Sparks 03:43
Complaints Sparks 02:49
Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth Sparks 02:27
Something For The Girl With Everything Sparks 02:16
Achoo Sparks 03:32
Propaganda Sparks 00:22
At Home At Work At Play Sparks 03:06
Reinforcements Sparks 03:52
B.C. Sparks 02:11
Hospitality On Parade Sparks 03:58
Happy Hunting Ground Sparks 03:40
Without Using Hands Sparks 03:20
Get In The Swing Sparks 04:06
It Ain't 1918 Sparks 02:06
In The Future Sparks 02:12
Looks, Looks, Looks Sparks 02:33

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