Album picture of 80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 1

80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 1

Various Artists


Titres de l'album

Assassins East End Butchers 01:50
Magthea and Insanity (Extract) Magthea 05:07
Rotten To The Core Missing Persons 02:13
Myths of Seduction and Betrayal (Extract) PCR 07:55
Tribal Moment Urbain Autopsy, K 04:08
Ancient Smiles Human Flesh 03:48
Fat Slimey Parasites Nocturnal Emissions 03:27
D.D.T. Merzbow 02:03
If You're Looking For Trouble DDV 08:01
Fies Sein Alu 05:25
The First Kiss Menko 03:03
Cadillac Im Ghetto Die Klopferbande 02:29
Wipe The Church Jacinthebox 02:46
Little Meat Cripure S.A. 02:12
Buscando El Espacio Interior Felix Menkar 04:27
Numerology Blackhouse 03:16
Being Home Tonight Muziekkamer 03:28
Catalavox Dead Tech 05:56

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