Album picture of Euphoria - The Complete Fantasy Playlist - Part Two

Euphoria - The Complete Fantasy Playlist - Part Two

Various Artists


Titres de l'album

Death Of Me Isabelle Tizane 03:40
The Drugs Don't Work Alixandrea Corvyn 05:04
You Don't Own Me Loni Lovato 02:20
Slippin' Into Darkness


2Pac 04:01
Had to Cry Today Blind Faith 03:46
Mad World Voidoid 03:02
Boys Don't Cry Lovecats 02:36
Running Up That Hill Jem 04:42
Still Take You Home Bleach 02:44
Be Dead! 50 Cent 03:32
Just Like a Pill Loni Lovato 04:02
Try Again


Aaliyah 04:44
Cocaine Blind Faith 02:49
I Ain't Mad At Cha


2Pac 04:55
Tears in Heaven Blind Faith Collective 04:32
This Used to Be My Playground Pixie Killz 05:03
Oblivion Tizane 05:16
Euphoria - The TV Theme Song Alixandrea Corvyn 03:15

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