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Titres de l'album

We Are the Light Myd 04:34
Let You Speak Myd 03:07
Together We Stand Myd 03:31
Born a Loser Myd 03:43
There Is a Snake in My Boot! Myd 01:14
The Sun Myd 03:27
Whether the Weather (feat. Juan Wauters) Myd, Juan Wauters 05:25
Always a Light Myd 01:42
Call Me Myd 02:48
Moving Men (feat. Mac DeMarco) Myd, Mac Demarco 02:47
It's About You Myd 03:15
I Feel Better (I Got Something) Myd 05:10
Now That We Found Love Myd 04:28
We Found It (feat. Bakar) Myd, Bakar 06:40

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