Album picture of Tonight Josephine!

Tonight Josephine!

Tape Five


Titres de l'album

Introduction: Back in Time Tape Five 00:23
A Cool Cat in Town Tape Five, Brenda Boykin 03:52
Bad Boy Good Man Tape Five, Henrik Wager 04:15
Pantaloons Tape Five, Yuliet Topaz 03:40
Dixie Biscuits Tape Five, Henrik Wager 03:46
Madame Coquette Tape Five 03:40
Far Far Away Tape Five, Brenda Boykin 04:04
Intermezzo: Speakeasy Tape Five 00:32
The Flappers Delight Tape Five, Yuliet Topaz 03:41
Birds Like It Tape Five, Iain Mackenzie 04:17
Pousse l'amour Tape Five, Yuliet Topaz 03:59
The Smurf (Tape Five Remix) Tape Five 03:38
The Sky Is Not the Limit Tape Five, Iain Mackenzie 04:07
Alcazar Tape Five 04:38

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