Album picture of Fake Chapter Records: The First 25 Years

Fake Chapter Records: The First 25 Years

Various Artists


Titres de l'album

Far Away The Bright Road 05:02
Back to My Girl The Nuclears 03:00
You Don't Have to Tell Me That You Love Me (Acoustic)


Thirsty Curses 03:05
C'était un rendez-vous ARMS AND SLEEPERS 05:20
My Surrender MaryLeigh Roohan 04:12
Alabama Domenick Carino 03:48
Habit Platonick Dive 03:24
Everything is Brand New The Sixfifteens 04:02
These Things Remembered (Not at All) Miles Hunt 03:05
Catch Me If You Can The House Lights 02:38
Hold On Green To Think 02:54
Turning the Beat CJ Grogan 03:16
I Want the Moon, Pt. 1 Michael Gilligan, Jonah Matranga 02:20
Happy The Art Of The Soul 02:35
Rest Stop Meeting of Important People 03:06
Loveletter Dave Wanamaker 04:15
Lightning Bugs in a Ghost Town Kyle Campbell 03:12
Rescue Me Steven Piperno 03:28
What's My Name? HARPER FAIR 01:16
Henry The Mean Season 03:54

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