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World of Our Own (Expanded Edition)



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Titres de l'album

Queen of My Heart (Radio Edit) Westlife 04:19
Bop Bop Baby Westlife 04:21
I Cry Westlife 04:11
Uptown Girl (Radio Edit) Westlife 03:06
Why Do I Love You Westlife 03:38
I Wanna Grow Old with You Westlife 04:07
When You're Looking Like That (Single Remix) Westlife 03:52
Evergreen Westlife 04:02
World of Our Own Westlife 03:31
To Be Loved Westlife 03:19
Drive (For All Time) Westlife 03:25
If Your Heart's Not In It Westlife 04:20
When You Come Around Westlife 03:40
Don't Say It's Too Late Westlife 04:11
Don't Let Me Go Westlife 03:28
Walk Away Westlife 03:58
Love Crime Westlife 03:16
Imaginary Diva Westlife 03:37
Angel Westlife 04:25
Bad Girls Westlife 03:22

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