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The Very Best Of



Titres de l'album

Friends Shalamar 05:03
Take That To The Bank Shalamar 03:24
The Second Time Around Shalamar 03:41
There It Is Shalamar 04:26
Make That Move Shalamar 03:47
I Can Make You Feel Good Shalamar 04:17
I Owe You One Shalamar 03:37
Uptown Festival (Part One): Going To A Go Go, I Can't Help Myself, Uptight (Everything's Alright), Stop! In The Name Of Love, It's (Medley) Shalamar 03:56
Dancing In The Sheets Shalamar 03:40
Disappearing Act Shalamar 03:37
A Night To Remember Shalamar 03:31
Dead Giveaway Shalamar 03:31
Amnesia Shalamar 04:16
Deadline USA Shalamar 05:58
My Girl Loves Me Shalamar 04:33
Over And Over Shalamar 04:35
Circumstantial Evidence Shalamar 04:10
Sweeter As The Days Go By Shalamar 03:45

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