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Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life Indeep 05:41
When Boys Talk Indeep 05:56
Buffalo Bill Indeep 04:05
The Night the Boy Learned How to Dance Indeep 05:20
The Record Keeps Spinning Indeep 05:24
10 Reasons Why I Can't Be Free Indeep 05:07
Girls Got Soul Indeep 03:16
If You Want It Indeep 03:39
You Got to Rock It Indeep 04:58
I Got My Rights Indeep 03:37
Pajama Party Time Indeep 03:31
Love Is Like a Gun Indeep 02:54
Slow Down Indeep 03:40
Lipstick Politics Indeep 04:19
There It Is Indeep 03:04
The Rapper Indeep 03:48
Telephone Ringing (Sound Effect) Indeep 00:23
Screeching Tires (Sound Effect) Indeep 00:11
Flushing Toilet (Sound Effect) Indeep 00:12
When Boys Talk (Scratch) Indeep 01:59

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