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Titres de l'album

If I Were the Sky Right Now Glassglue 01:38
One Degree Below Zero Glassglue 02:32
Too Tired Glassglue 02:54
Embarassing Glassglue 01:52
You Know the Names Glassglue 02:05
Toleration Glassglue 02:43
Like the Shadow of a Fly Glassglue 02:53
Spiral Stair Glassglue 03:01
My Last Parachute Glassglue 03:14
Home Glassglue 02:52
Steal Your Time No More Glassglue 01:27
Nothing of Importance Glassglue 02:03
Sometimes I Think It Isn't Glassglue 03:22

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