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Titres de l'album

The Kids Are on High Street Madrugada 04:57
7 Seconds Madrugada 03:36
Look Away Lucifer Madrugada 05:11
Belladonna Madrugada 04:21
Blood Shot Adult Commitment Madrugada 04:56
Higher Madrugada 04:47
Beautyproof Madrugada 03:57
Black Mambo Madrugada 05:54
Salt Madrugada 04:53
Stories from the Streets Madrugada 05:19
I Don't Fit Madrugada 04:21
Majesty (Live) Madrugada 06:42
You Better Leave (Live) Madrugada 04:32
All This Wanting To Be Free Madrugada 05:25
What's On Your Mind? Madrugada 04:01
Hold On to You Madrugada 06:14
Strange Colour Blue Madrugada 05:06
Vocal Madrugada 06:28
Hands Up - I Love You Madrugada 05:37
Majesty Madrugada 04:23

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