Album picture of More of the Good

More of the Good

Lisa Ekdahl


Titres de l'album

Let's Go to Sleep Lisa Ekdahl 03:26
Playful Heart of Mine Lisa Ekdahl 03:51
I Know You Love Me (feat. Ibrahim Maalouf) Lisa Ekdahl, Ibrahim Maalouf 03:43
More of the Good Lisa Ekdahl 04:52
Thorn in My Heart (feat. Desmond Foster) Lisa Ekdahl, Desmond Foster 04:43
Like Mermaids Lisa Ekdahl 03:57
Sweet Feeling of Freedom (feat. Ane Brun) Lisa Ekdahl, Ane Brun 04:04
The Moon Can Not Be Stolen Lisa Ekdahl 03:34
In Dreams Lisa Ekdahl 03:06
Crown of Love (feat. Abdellah Taïa) Lisa Ekdahl, Abdellah Taïa 03:54

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