Album picture of DJ-Kicks (Brandt Brauer Frick) (DJ Mix)

DJ-Kicks (Brandt Brauer Frick) (DJ Mix)



Titres de l'album

HipBird (Mixed) Jan Jelinek 01:09
Australaborialis (Mixed) Inkswel 02:23
Electric Alleycat (Mixed) Theo Parrish 02:45
Rollercoaster (Mixed) Dollkraut 02:31
Better Change Your Mind (Mixed) William Onyeabor 02:33
Bummse (Mixed) Max Graef 04:18
Bommel (Mixed) BRANDT BRAUER FRICK 03:33
Stalker Ha (Mixed) Kingdom 02:50
Feel Like / Abraz (Mixed) Parental Control / Le K 03:59
Lap The Music (Mixed) Alfabet, Awanto 3, Tom Trago 03:08
Late At Night (Mixed) Fantastic Man 03:40
Out Of Tash (Mixed) BRANDT BRAUER FRICK 01:59
Transition (Mixed) Galaxy 2 Galaxy, Atlantis 03:32
Sun Dance (Mixed) Peverelist 02:38
To Catchy (Mixed) Dj Do Bass 02:25
White Screen (Mixed) French Fries 03:32
Soul Freedom (Mixed) Chico Mann 01:21
Wooden Knuckles (Mixed) James Braun, Troels Abrahamsen 03:56
How I Miss You (Mixed) Glenn Astro 03:27
Edge (Mixed) Philogresz 01:34

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