Album picture of I Grandi Successi

I Grandi Successi

Ivana Spagna


Titres de l'album

Easy Lady Spagna 04:49
Dedicated To The Moon Spagna 04:36
Dance Dance Dance Spagna 04:16
Call Me Spagna 04:04
Sarah Spagna 05:08
Girl, It's Not The End Of The World Spagna 04:16
Baby Blue Spagna 04:43
This Generation Spagna 03:51
Let Me Say (I Love You) Spagna 04:05
Every Girl And Boy Spagna 03:40
I Wanna Be Your Wife Spagna 04:00
Friday Ivana Spagna 03:39
Me And You Spagna 03:03
You Are My Energy Spagna 04:30
Why Don't We Talk Anymore? Spagna 03:52
Woman In Love Spagna 03:40
Only Words Spagna 04:37
Love At First Sight Spagna 04:47
No Way Out Spagna 04:32
I Miss You Spagna 04:22

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