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Wyclef Jean


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Titres de l'album

Ghetto Religion (feat. R.Kelly) (Album Version) Wyclef Jean, R. Kelly, R.Kelly 03:33
We Trying to Stay Alive (feat. John Forté & Pras) Wyclef Jean, John Forté, Pras 03:12
Perfect Gentleman (feat. Hope) Wyclef Jean, Hope 04:10
911 (feat. Mary J. Blige) Wyclef Jean, Mary J. Blige 04:19
Gone Till November (feat. The New York Philharmonic Orchestra) Wyclef Jean, The New York Philharmonic Orchestra 03:31
Guantanamera (feat. Ms. Lauryn Hill, Celia Cruz & Jeni Fujita) Wyclef Jean, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Celia Cruz, Jeni Fujita 04:31
Hey Girl (feat. Ayesha & Papa Don) (Album Version) Wyclef Jean, Ayesha, Papa Don 03:30
It Doesn't Matter (feat. Dwayne Johnson & Melky Sedeck) (Album Version) Wyclef Jean, Dwayne Johnson, Melky Sedeck 03:57
Anything Can Happen Wyclef Jean 04:35
Thug Angels (feat. Small World) (Album Version) Wyclef Jean, Small World 06:36
Gunpowder (feat. Ms. Lauryn Hill) Wyclef Jean, Ms. Lauryn Hill 04:25
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Album Version) Wyclef Jean 04:02
Runaway (feat. Earth, Wind & Fire & The Product G&B) (Album Version) Wyclef Jean, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Product G&B 04:56
Wish You Were Here (Album Version) Wyclef Jean 04:05
To All the Girls (feat. Refugee All Stars) Wyclef Jean, Refugee Allstars, Refugee All Stars 04:19
Two Wrongs (feat. Claudette Ortiz) Wyclef Jean, Claudette Ortiz 03:49
No Woman, No Cry (Edited Album Version) Fugees 04:19

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