Album picture of Seriously, Eric? #8

Seriously, Eric? #8

Various Artists


Titres de l'album

Dream Husbands 03:38
Bright Side (feat. Julia Church) Mozambo, Basic Tape, Julia Church 03:47
Mr Know It All (Bolivard Remix) Kid Francescoli, Bolivard 03:34
I'm in Love (Poolside Remix) Fool's Gold, Poolside 06:23
Pas contente Vaudou Game 03:35
La ola Casablanca Drivers 04:05
Do It Do It (feat. Gavlyn & Oh Blimey) Scratch Bandits Crew, Gavlyn, Oh Blimey 03:57
Fork in the Road Charles X 03:05
Aloha (feat. Merryn Jeann) Møme, Merryn Jeann 03:38
"H" Friend (Sparrows Remix) Black Devil Disco Club, Sparrows 03:52
Into the Ether Violet Swells 03:45
Désunis de l'univers (Plaisir de France Remix) Victorine, Plaisir de France 04:11
Standing in This Dream My Dear 03:46
Body Language (feat. Raveena Aurora) InShape, Raveena Aurora 03:20
Bobby's Prism Ménage à trois 03:51
Running Child (French 79 Remix) Martin Mey, French 79 05:54

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