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The Quantum Enigma



Titres de l'album

Originem Epica 02:11
The Second Stone Epica 05:00
The Essence of Silence Epica 04:47
Victims of Contingency Epica 03:31
Sense Without Sanity - The Impervious Code Epica 07:42
Unchain Utopia Epica 04:45
The Fifth Guardian - Interlude Epica 03:04
Chemical Insomnia Epica 05:12
Reverence - Living in the Heart Epica 05:02
Omen - The Goulish Malady Epica 05:28
Canvas of Life Epica 05:28
Natural Corruption Epica 05:24
The Quantum Enigma - Kingdom of Heaven, Pt. II Epica 11:53
Banish Your Illusion Epica 06:11

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