Album picture of Fox Searchlight: 20th Anniversary Album

Fox Searchlight: 20th Anniversary Album

Various Artists


Titres de l'album

Us (From "500 Days of Summer") Regina Spektor 04:00
You Sexy Thing (From "The Full Monty") Hot Chocolate 04:06
Canned Heat (From "Napoleon Dynamite") Jamiroquai 05:32
Picnic (From "Sideways") Rolfe Kent 02:18
The Winner Is (From "Little Miss Sunshine") DeVotchKa 03:05
Don Abandons Alice (From "28 Weeks Later") John Murphy 02:57
Falling Slowly (From "Once") Glen Hansard 04:05
Adagio in D Minor (From "Sunshine") John Murphy 04:11
Anyone Else but You (From "Juno") Ellen Page, Michael Cera 01:56
Jai Hoi (From "Slumdog Millionaire") A.R. Rahman, Mahalaxmi Iyer, Sukhvinder Singh, Tanvi Shah 05:20
The Wrestler (From "The Wrestler") Bruce Springsteen 03:52
The Weary Kind (From "Crazy Heart") Ryan Bingham 04:20
If I Rise (From "127 Hours") Dido 04:40
A Swan Song (For Nina) [From "Black Swan"] Clint Mansell 06:25
Becomes the Color (From "Stoker") Emily Wells 04:45

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